Bring Me The Horizon - ~GO TO~ ft. BEXEY, Halsey, Happyalone., Toriel, YONAKA, Lotus Eater

Music to listen to~dance to~blaze to~pray to~feed to~sleep to~talk to~grind to~trip to~breathe to~help to~hurt to~scroll to~roll to~love to~hate to~learn Too~plot to~play to~be to~feel to~breed to~sweat to~dream to~hide to~live to~die to~GO TO


1. Steal Something.
2. Candy Truck / You Expected: LAB Your result: Green
3. A Devastating Liberation
4. ¿ (feat. Halsey)
5. Underground Big {HEADFULOFHYENA} (feat. Bexey \u0026 Lotus Eater)
6. “like seeing spiders running riot on your lover’s grave” (feat. Happyalone.)
7. Dead Dolphin Sounds 'aid brain growth in unborn child' Virtual Therapy / Nature Healing 2 Hours (feat. Toriel)
8. ±ªþ³§ (feat. Yonaka)

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  • iloveyouballsack
    iloveyouballsack8 дзён таму

    This album sounds like the future

  • Thiago AA
    Thiago AA18 дзён таму


  • Gabo Basset
    Gabo BassetМесяц таму

    Does anyone knows what genres “Dead Dolphins” and “Candy Truck” are?

  • Kainé -TheEighth-
    Kainé -TheEighth-Месяц таму

    It's impressive how Bring Me The Horizon can make ANYTHING sound good

  • Kainé -TheEighth-
    Kainé -TheEighth-Месяц таму

    holy crap there's a song that's 20 mins

  • Mika Nuutinen
    Mika NuutinenМесяц таму

    Love it! A fucking masterpiece.

  • TrippWraze
    TrippWrazeМесяц таму

    If BMTH never makes another album like this again, I will without a doubt be satisfied with what we have. And if BMTH does decide to make another like this, I will absolutely not object. This album is the definition of catching lightning in a bottle.

  • Annette Navin
    Annette NavinМесяц таму

    this album just told me to become vegan.



  • joao melo
    joao meloМесяц таму

    bonzão pra ler uns mangá

  • Mia Stenger
    Mia StengerМесяц таму

    Ok candy truck is just a MASTERPIECE

  • JogadordeLOL
    JogadordeLOL2 месяцы таму

    Mano , gostei , cada som é uma briza diferente

  • Mikey J
    Mikey J3 месяцы таму

    1:11:57 I needed this gives me the feels that sempiternal did soooo goood

  • Helaman Avalos
    Helaman Avalos4 месяцы таму

    This is so good for concentration

  • Naufal Arif Kurniawan
    Naufal Arif Kurniawan4 месяцы таму

    these songs sound like they're coming from an alien radio of rick and morty's universe

  • Catachan jungle fighter
    Catachan jungle fighter4 месяцы таму

    Idk why but the end of the song “steal something” made me feel like I was listening to or watching some sort of artsy documentary kinda like the lime town podcast (which is great btw)

  • Izaac Estrada
    Izaac Estrada4 месяцы таму

    I love this band. Wish they released this EP on vinyl

  • CasioRobinson
    CasioRobinson5 месяцаў таму

    Okay, so... three things 1. *what* 2. *is* 3. *this*

  • Little Leonard

    Little Leonard

    3 месяцы таму


  • The Worst
    The Worst5 месяцаў таму

    i love tapes so much

  • Bima Suryaf
    Bima Suryaf5 месяцаў таму

    hi 2021? bmth lova

  • Hipy Hippo
    Hipy Hippo5 месяцаў таму

    Im a relatively new fan of bring me the horizon (only started listening very recently like the past month). But I have heard all of their albums already and I understand that some of the fans dont like how they change but you gotta give it to them. They are making still really good music. That doesnt mean you have to enjoy it Im just saying, just cause they like changing their sound doesnt mean it is bad. These are all great songs, good job.

  • Purple Wolf
    Purple Wolf6 месяцаў таму

    can you buy this as a physical copy anywhere? I've looked online and couldn't find anything...

  • Derek Rose
    Derek Rose6 месяцаў таму

    BMTH 2012: The Chillout Sessions BMTH 2019: The DMT Sessions

    DAMIAN ORTEGA (DXMXN)6 месяцаў таму

    Multipolar track sesion ;)

  • Soli W
    Soli W6 месяцаў таму

    How Oli just predicted Covid-19

  • Autumn Sykes

    Autumn Sykes

    4 месяцы таму

    Yeah it actually gave me goosebumps

  • User Old Account

    User Old Account

    4 месяцы таму

    exactly, I thought that too, when he talks about some incoming disaster during the monologue

  • davides cristofaros
    davides cristofaros6 месяцаў таму

    this album is so good, hope they'll make a new one like this

  • Mohammed Shaikh
    Mohammed Shaikh6 месяцаў таму

    i like how this albums is fragmented projection of Amo. like if bring me the horizon existed in a parallel universe this was probably their original Amo album lol. really like this album though.. listening on repeat!!

  • AlexisAF
    AlexisAF6 месяцаў таму

    I think I´m so mind exhausted that I can hear this shit and be completely normal xd. I love BMTH. I need to say I´m studyng 3rd of Aerospace Engeenering

  • Islykids


    3 месяцы таму

    Hey at least you're doing something relevant in this world I'm big time envy

  • ERLM
    ERLM7 месяцаў таму

    This gives me Liquid Stranger Vibes

  • Zesksaken
    Zesksaken7 месяцаў таму

    1st listen: nah not for me 2nd listen: haha backround music for minecraft ????: 627287A)/98777-?????

  • Dmitro Shpanchuck
    Dmitro Shpanchuck7 месяцаў таму

    Can somebody advise a music album that sounds like this one?

  • fakekaoss20
    fakekaoss207 месяцаў таму

    Why does one part sound like rubber chickens ??????

  • Robert Shinn
    Robert Shinn7 месяцаў таму

    Wifi phones and it is all a lie

  • Pendime Mackey
    Pendime Mackey7 месяцаў таму

    This is a masterpiece Oli Guided Meditation: 35:35

  • Herakuresu !
    Herakuresu !7 месяцаў таму

    bexey a legend

  • Sam (cannavora)
    Sam (cannavora)7 месяцаў таму

    Now, since the new record already leaked - compare amo to this to PHSH. woah

  • Franco Gutierrez Davila
    Franco Gutierrez Davila8 месяцаў таму

    Arte puro señores

  • tor
    tor9 месяцаў таму

    i listened to this w my roommate on acid and the shift of my brain after that trip was so beautiful i feel like i processed so much and came to understand things that i knew but just hadn’t clicked properly - this sound isn’t for everyone but those who do like it, we’re cut from the same cloth and i feel connected to u

  • tor
    tor9 месяцаў таму

    also really wish i could find out who painted the artwork i’ve tried looking it up and couldn’t find an answer

  • Autumn


    7 месяцаў таму

    I’m not 100% sure but I think it was Oli’s wife

  • Thomas Torrella II
    Thomas Torrella II9 месяцаў таму

    Why is this the first time I’m hearing this?!?

  • Виктория Самойлова
    Виктория Самойлова9 месяцаў таму

    Utter perfection!

  • lamatauro mp4
    lamatauro mp49 месяцаў таму

    i don't know but this album reminds me bloodborne

  • Scott Coggins
    Scott Coggins9 месяцаў таму

    Like seeing spiders running riot on your lover's grave: Jesus it's like I can feel his depression as he wrote this, it's just so painful..

  • Islykids


    3 месяцы таму

    Hell of a line, agree

  • davides cristofaros
    davides cristofaros10 месяцаў таму

    I'm interested in the style of Underground Big, rap and sung vocals mixed with experimental/lo-fi/electronic kinda music, if there's someone naming me bands doing music similar to this song I'd be really grateful :)

  • ert worm

    ert worm

    3 месяцы таму

    Check out jean dawson

  • Addison Miller
    Addison Miller10 месяцаў таму

    Is this what taking acid is like

  • Glitterslits
    Glitterslits10 месяцаў таму

    dang nice

  • Yuliia Ch
    Yuliia Ch11 месяцаў таму

    To be honest, I didn't get at first. But now I really love this.. album?

  • FairL3X
    FairL3X11 месяцаў таму

    "bring me the horiзon" А чего буква "z" написана по русски, интересно.

  • Western Cake

    Western Cake

    7 месяцаў таму

    Думаю это все таки z только с крючком

  • Oss Red
    Oss Red11 месяцаў таму

    It’s perfect 🖤

  • Kai Hunter
    Kai Hunter11 месяцаў таму

    Oli: do you like guided meditations? Interviewer: huh? Oli: 👁👄👁🕯

  • Eden Gaming

    Eden Gaming

    4 месяцы таму

    C L O S E Y O U R E Y E S

  • Cameron Hitchcock
    Cameron HitchcockГод таму

    Tried shrooms for the first time and put this album on. I get it now.

  • Richard Perlos
    Richard PerlosГод таму

    9:39 This voice reminds me a lot to Serj Tankian

  • Matthieu Eagan
    Matthieu EaganГод таму

    32:21 I hope you like that loop, because you’ll be forced to listen to it for 19 minutes.

  • ななお(ななお)
    ななお(ななお)Год таму


  • Deus Paul
    Deus PaulГод таму

    This is awesome, is there a vinyl for this?

  • Derek Rose
    Derek RoseГод таму

    2012: Bring Me The Horizon ‘The Chill Out Sessions’ 2019: Bring Me The Horizon ‘The DMT Sessions’ Lol 🤣👏🏼

  • Noah Kodeki
    Noah KodekiГод таму

    Unpopular Opinion: I’ve been listening to bmth since 2014 and I’ve heard their whole discography but this and amo have been my favorite releases by them so far and they are now becoming my favorite band. I like this bmth more than the old bmth.

  • Eden Gaming

    Eden Gaming

    4 месяцы таму

    Same. This is my favorite release of theirs along with Amo, and I've been a fan since 2011

  • Tangguh Putra Perkasa
    Tangguh Putra PerkasaГод таму

    Its like linkin park with reanimation, bmth with music to bla bla bla

  • Monarch Musike
    Monarch MusikeГод таму

    Es bueno experimentar, me alegro de que lo hagan;)

  • Cynthia Venegas
    Cynthia VenegasГод таму

    Mass extinction! How serene..

  • Jonathan Salas
    Jonathan SalasГод таму

    The first time i listen to this EP i was trying to sleep in the night...and well it was quite an experience lol it gave me a weird sensation, trying to know what was going on with all the sound and harmonies while i was falling asleep, sometimes i felt safe, sometimes i felt scared, paranoid (maybe for the loop in Underground Big), never felt that ways before, i can confirm with this that its a pretty good and interesting EP, definitely it is music to sleep to~

  • a person
    a personГод таму

    so this is what an acid trip feels like, huh. nice.

  • Sorottya
    SorottyaГод таму

    Is there anything like this out there? I would really love to listen to more music with this mood.

  • yes ¿
    yes ¿Год таму

    is it wrong i want this to be my favorite record of 2020? (came out too close to new years so i’m gonna count it for 2020), like “steal something.” is fantastic

  • Indiana Smith
    Indiana SmithГод таму


  • Anna Hrubá
    Anna HrubáГод таму

    you changed so damn much, I'm disappointed. I loved you since the start to ,,Amo" it just wasn't what u used to be. why all this change?

  • IreggularEgg


    9 месяцаў таму

    Damn bro, they just wanted to make something new, and its good,

  • Tatsu Ryuu

    Tatsu Ryuu

    10 месяцаў таму

    Artists naturally want to create something new. If they did the same thing over and over their would be no passion left.

  • Devin Simonetti
    Devin SimonettiГод таму

    This shit is dope...

  • Tommy George
    Tommy GeorgeГод таму

    Breakdown around 31:30. Ur welcome

  • Dats Meagan Jahmen
    Dats Meagan JahmenГод таму

    slowly turning into Skrillex :)

  • Matthieu Eagan
    Matthieu EaganГод таму

    49:10 Oli, did you seriously see COVID-19 coming?!

  • Autumn


    7 месяцаў таму

    This hits deep

  • Kevin Koerber
    Kevin KoerberГод таму

    Drop the being me the horizon this is just Oli Sykes

  • Games With Val

    Games With Val

    3 месяцы таму

    They produced it together😶

  • Burst


    Год таму

    It is just a side project, in a way, that they released as BMTH. It's not meant to be taken serious as the other albums.

  • Metal 0-4
    Metal 0-4Год таму

    Fuck man... I didn’t even know this existed until the 1st of April. Probably the first time I’ve just sat down and gotten sunk into an album front to back in a VERY long time. I really need some god damn weed to digest this thing properly

  • Jack O'Lantern646 l
    Jack O'Lantern646 lГод таму

    would u plz inform me the heaviest shit i can find in this whole video?

  • Jack O'Lantern646 l

    Jack O'Lantern646 l

    Год таму

    ty mate

  • Burst


    Год таму

    31:44 - 32:06 is the heaviest part of this...something.

  • Boss Man
    Boss ManГод таму

    He is Satanisme don't follow her

  • Charlotte Cardin-Desnoyers
    Charlotte Cardin-DesnoyersГод таму

    What style would you consider this piece?

    STARSEED01Год таму

    35:30 this is important

  • Neon Abyss
    Neon AbyssГод таму

    That is some creepypasta teletubby artwork right there

  • Ostekagerne8D
    Ostekagerne8DГод таму

    music to isolate to

  • Chrysa Bsb
    Chrysa BsbГод таму

    I love how they're music keeps evolving just like we do so they keep me company from school year till now mid 20's. Love these guys and how they keep expanding they're horizons and ours too. ♥️ True fans will always grow with you, keep up the fire work ♥️

  • blakenstine 2003
    blakenstine 2003Год таму

    Candy truck,like seeing spiders,underground big, are my main faves

  • MacaulyxCaulkin
    MacaulyxCaulkinГод таму

    Im crying. It touches my soul 😭💞

  • Jonathan Cortez
    Jonathan CortezГод таму

    good music to write my phD protocol :)

  • Tom van der Stoep
    Tom van der StoepГод таму

    certainly sounds more interesting than amo and that's the spirit, but fuck dudes. You have a drummer, stop using these boring dry electro beats.

  • Khum Dhan
    Khum DhanГод таму


  • Mario Angel Naranjo
    Mario Angel NaranjoГод таму


  • Kulcsár Edmond
    Kulcsár EdmondГод таму

    Genius. Pure gold.

  • akbar alfarouk
    akbar alfaroukГод таму

    1 hour straight listening to oli moans

  • samantha tristan
    samantha tristanГод таму

    music to ~QUARANTINE TO~ ;P

  • harala gurele
    harala gureleГод таму


  • Pauline Geiermann
    Pauline GeiermannГод таму

    I just love all these pressed metalheads in the comments😂 like damn dudes I also got into bmth as a metalhead but I'm not as triggers as you are that they don't make metal/hardcore music anymore. I think what they produce is actually pretty sick( in a good way) it's maybe not metal but that doesn't mean it has to be bad. If you want your daily metalmusic dose then go do that get it like me and every other normal metalhead by another band, there are a lot of great bands out there. Just not this band anymore🤷‍♀️

  • Eden Gaming

    Eden Gaming

    4 месяцы таму

    Did you like Post Human Survival Horror?

  • Mauro Urios Ferrando
    Mauro Urios FerrandoГод таму

    What genre/s of electronical music could we say this album is? I want to listen more!

  • Saldy Santoz
    Saldy SantozГод таму

    when bmth gets old.. who knows? personally, i dxxt like that genre

  • Madie Allen
    Madie AllenГод таму

    I was so restless, but am now relaxed (and feel like I’m tripping despite being sober)

  • Joice Silva
    Joice SilvaГод таму


  • Hyungwon legs are longer than my future
    Hyungwon legs are longer than my futureГод таму

    is it only me the cover look like teletubbies

  • del grievson
    del grievsonГод таму

    Im confused but that is ok

  • Cedric Carl
    Cedric CarlГод таму

    This is the reason this band should just stop making music. If you wanna do trance/experimental power to you, but why do you have to use your semi- promissing metalcore band for this? Remember when they were actually playing halfway descend deathcore???

  • Rise 0720
    Rise 0720Год таму

    coffee candy means drugs??

  • Gustavo M. Diaz del Rio
    Gustavo M. Diaz del RioГод таму

    Im the #2020 dislike yeeeeeeeeeeeei

  • Michael lenhart
    Michael lenhartГод таму

    ::::tried to get some sleep..i am online since last wednesday fuckyeahr..4 days LATER now saturday night i was close to the dreamland but its too out of bed tunede the system up back now with BMTH and it will be another for a night to stay awake BMTH has invited me come with me for awhile.. and thats of thing....folks.. theres no time for bad music...see ya guys