Bring Me The Horizon x Jeris Johnson - Can You Feel My Heart (Remix) [Official Audio]

tiktok made us do it. can you feel my heart @jerisjohnson remix out now
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Bring Me The Horizon x Jeris Johnson - Can You Feel My Heart (Remix)

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can you hear the silence?
can you see the dark?
can you fix the broken?
can you feel my heart?

i’ve been terrorised by a thousand ghosts
but my cry for help’s stuck in my throat
and the highest I get is the lowest I’ll know
cause I’m falling and falling
dripping and rippin asunder
bury me deep in a slumber
clouds on my head like a bummer
drown all my demons with thunder
put up a wall with no lumber
face down deep in a ditch I’m in a pit
running in circles so fast someone pull me outta this shit

can you hear the silence?
can you see the dark?
can you fix the broken?
can you heal a scar?
and has anybody noticed
my bloody sweater arm?
screaming can you feel my heart?
holding on bring me close
feel my heart
can you feel my heart?

can you help the hopeless?
well I’m begging on my knees
can you save my bastard soul?
will you wait for me?
i'm sorry, brothers, so sorry, lover
forgive me father, I love you, mother
can you hear the silence?
can you see the dark?
can you fix the broken?
can you feel my heart?

i’m scared to get close, and I hate being alone
i long for that feeling to not feel at all
the higher I get, the lower I’ll sink
i can’t drown my demons, they know how to swim


  • Richard 'Paul' Rice
    Richard 'Paul' Rice5 годин таму

    Jeris makes every song he's featured in come alive! Even as alive as another "Last Resort"

  • jj66123
    jj661235 годин таму

    0:35 this part reminds me SOOO MUCH of the people filthy frank made fun of in his rap video, lmao

  • Nils
    Nils7 годин таму

    I'm a big fan of bmth but I don't like the song...

  • worrax
    worraxДзень таму

    неплохой микс оригинал конечно больше доставляет

  • bring me that horizon
    bring me that horizonДзень таму

    bad idea dude.

  • Fouad Soulimane
    Fouad SoulimaneДзень таму

    Wow so cool

  • Crazi
    CraziДзень таму

    Who is a OG of Bring Me The Horizon before Can you feel my heart got overrated by TikTok

  • Benja172h
    Benja172hДзень таму

    no one: literally nobody seriously, nobody: Argentines:

  • Teri Squari
    Teri SquariДзень таму

    I'm not gonna lie, really disliked this remix when I first heard it. But coming back to it now, it's really good! I think it's hard to compare it to the original because you expect certain drops and rhythms and things and it's a little jarring at first. I'm glad I gave it a second try.

  • Psych Streetfight
    Psych StreetfightДзень таму

    why no mention of the visual artist?

  • Mike Miller
    Mike Miller2 дні таму

    Not my style, but BMTH has been really smart in adapting to the newer generation and working within that framework for certain songs, while still giving us harder songs

  • Alžběta Dvorská
    Alžběta Dvorská2 дні таму

    Can you please explain to me how is it still not on Spotify?

  • Audio Nature
    Audio Nature2 дні таму

    Guys, do a re animation of sempiternal plz... :)

  • Audio Nature

    Audio Nature

    2 дні таму

    Like LP, similar style and its like reliving that album all over again

  • Audio Nature
    Audio Nature2 дні таму

    Was shit for a minute, till bout 0:55 then it sky rockets, too gd.

  • Wobblier Mango
    Wobblier Mango2 дні таму

    hehehehehehehehehehe. booba.

  • Oswaldo Giovanni Medina Mendez
    Oswaldo Giovanni Medina Mendez3 дні таму

    How to ruin a good song

  • Leyla Nogués
    Leyla Nogués3 дні таму

    I... wow... I literally have no words

  • Drake Harrell
    Drake Harrell3 дні таму

    @CafeinateDot this is an awesome song for riding a bicycle

  • Jayme Vander lay
    Jayme Vander lay3 дні таму

    Has anybody noticed my bodies lead her heart

  • Me brawlie
    Me brawlie3 дні таму

    Wtf, i think this was fanmade because of the image lf the waifu

  • Atomic Rift
    Atomic Rift4 дні таму

    better than 99% of remixes because these mfers actually re-did the vocals

  • Yusei Satou
    Yusei Satou4 дні таму

    Original: for average enjoyer remix : for average fan

  • Kuroi Divine
    Kuroi Divine4 дні таму

    This remix trash. I’m only here for the background

  • Erick Moura
    Erick Moura5 дзён таму

    Can you save my bastard soul? Insta: @erickmouraoffical

  • wilmer azuero
    wilmer azuero5 дзён таму

    I hear it from Ecuador good art of a unique singer and on a letter against depression and depression is incredible

  • Sr. H
    Sr. H6 дзён таму

    Average Fan: TikTok Edition Average Enjoyer: The original Version*

  • apenas um gamer
    apenas um gamer6 дзён таму

    I loved the song, I'll download it and put it in my favorites 😍😍😍😍😍

  • B DraCo
    B DraCo6 дзён таму

    I long for that feeling ...⚡🎶🎶🎵

  • Drii Radke
    Drii Radke6 дзён таму


  • The Accent
    The Accent7 дзён таму

    MegaChad moment

  • Bastian22
    Bastian227 дзён таму

    From MickelousProductions

  • Yoshi Gaming
    Yoshi Gaming7 дзён таму

    Me music: yes Template: yes Chillllllll

  • Twin Rova
    Twin Rova7 дзён таму

    Such an interesting change of pace. Hearing the beat sped up like that makes such a big difference to the feel!

  • Tiffanie Hastie
    Tiffanie Hastie8 дзён таму

    I hate your song

  • Brick By brick

    Brick By brick

    6 дзён таму

    no one cares

    SHEEN8 дзён таму


  • Raven
    Raven8 дзён таму

    not y'all sexualizing the woman on the thumbnail omg.. this is just embarrassing af.

  • dumdumdimdim demdimdum
    dumdumdimdim demdimdum8 дзён таму

    Their new song is terrible no new friends. Their old stuff is better. I won't even listen to their clean vocals with female singers, it's so pathetic. Modernising their sound for all the new tiktokers..... Go back to your old music.

  • Raven


    8 дзён таму

    i agree with u. they are so done.

  • We Are Not Your Nancho
    We Are Not Your Nancho9 дзён таму

    What the fuck is wrong with this band?! It doesn't sound like if Bring Me The Horizon turns to be extreme cringe with remixes and other softie shitty songs any fucking where!

  • Anime Vibe Studio
    Anime Vibe Studio9 дзён таму

    Tbh... Uh I only clicked because of the thumbnail...

  • Chris Dunavan
    Chris Dunavan10 дзён таму

    Yay.. A punked out anima Asian chick..

  • Chris Dunavan
    Chris Dunavan10 дзён таму

    Loved the original song..

  • ꕥ sunny fidgets ꕥ
    ꕥ sunny fidgets ꕥ10 дзён таму

    Me as this: uhhhh when I grow up I hope my kids don’t watch this.

  • makunomo
    makunomo10 дзён таму


  • Swaglandking
    Swaglandking11 дзён таму

    Is that Samsung girl?

  • Andres Barajas
    Andres Barajas11 дзён таму


  • Madi
    Madi12 дзён таму

    guys i need original picture pls

  • ドラムにゃんこ
    ドラムにゃんこ12 дзён таму

    0:36〜my favorite🇯🇵

  • BKT Adventures
    BKT Adventures12 дзён таму


  • scottydu81
    scottydu8113 дзён таму

    Based Robin brought me here lol

  • Goya's Nightmare
    Goya's Nightmare13 дзён таму

    BMTH Parasite Eve Remix

  • Louis Claraz
    Louis Claraz13 дзён таму


  • Serainoxx
    Serainoxx14 дзён таму

    this makes me powerful in a really different way dude,its so sickk

  • Md Sami
    Md Sami14 дзён таму


  • CrikeyBaguette
    CrikeyBaguette14 дзён таму

    The picture reminds me or Alita Battle Angel, the scene where she gives him her heart.

  • Truncus Brachiocephalicus
    Truncus Brachiocephalicus14 дзён таму

    nah man nah don't do thiss again tiktok trend just make original song look like suck

  • Petr Bala
    Petr Bala14 дзён таму


  • InfestedChris
    InfestedChris15 дзён таму

    this guy gonna be as big as post malone

    ПОДНИМАЮ СТАРЫЙ ДОМ15 дзён таму

    Всех люблю. 🍧🐈

  • Cesar Vazquez
    Cesar Vazquez15 дзён таму

    Where she at

  • Cesar Vazquez

    Cesar Vazquez

    15 дзён таму

    It’s me Cesar lol

  • Nia
    Nia15 дзён таму


  • Suneson
    Suneson15 дзён таму


  • PINK
    PINK16 дзён таму

    Samsung Sam: hey look, my doppleganger.

  • Sveti Rom
    Sveti Rom17 дзён таму


  • Fynnchiboy
    Fynnchiboy17 дзён таму

    Does not remind me of the orginial but sounds amazing

  • uwu ja
    uwu ja17 дзён таму

    читаю коммы о том, насколько ужасен ремикс, и мне прям больно, знаете..

  • Puppetwhisper (Puppetwhisper)
    Puppetwhisper (Puppetwhisper)18 дзён таму

    feels like a whole other song, wow

  • Happy Unicorn
    Happy Unicorn18 дзён таму

    >:0 *_N U D I T Y_*

  • J G

    J G

    15 дзён таму

    It isn't even nudity, it covers up "the stuff"

  • AddietheUwU
    AddietheUwU18 дзён таму

    I like that song (:

  • Two Crow (Kayla)
    Two Crow (Kayla)18 дзён таму

    Mantra 😔

  • jj66123
    jj6612318 дзён таму


  • Nico_Brawl_Raid
    Nico_Brawl_Raid19 дзён таму


  • savage brx
    savage brx20 дзён таму


  • Minnareaper Bluhen
    Minnareaper Bluhen20 дзён таму

    Name of this girl please qwq

  • {Love Potion}
    {Love Potion}20 дзён таму

    "I can't drown my demons, they know how to swim"

  • Zombified
    Zombified20 дзён таму

    This sucks

  • Lucia Salinas
    Lucia Salinas20 дзён таму

    This is amazing and when I don't feel so down to listen to the original I just come back to this one and my mood is automatically lifted 💞💞

  • Jan Duchovni Ugale
    Jan Duchovni Ugale20 дзён таму

    GIGA CHAD Disagree with this...

  • TopShelfization
    TopShelfization21 дзень таму

    Can you Phil Mahar!!!!!!

  • UrMum Geh
    UrMum Geh22 дні таму

    The other guy singing just ruins it. The instrumentals are great. But the other guys voice just ain’t hitting it for me. I know it’s subjective but yeah, his voice sounds like he needs to blow his nose.

  • Cayden
    Cayden22 дні таму

    i like the lyrics better but i like the beat on the original better

  • Beamer- -Boy
    Beamer- -Boy22 дні таму

    Wtf is that?

  • Chris
    Chris22 дні таму

    I wasn't prepared for this... Excuse me while I change my underwear...

  • HmRobin YT
    HmRobin YT23 дні таму

    esta chida :)

  • LH Calistenia & Fitness
    LH Calistenia & Fitness23 дні таму

    better than the original IMO :D

  • Adonis
    Adonis23 дні таму

    whos the mascot?

    BE GREAT23 дні таму

    Can’t wait for shows

  • Xavier Lopez
    Xavier Lopez24 дні таму

    Es mejor la versión original, vuelvan a subirla pero con algo de giga Chad y sobrado tienen EXITO :)

  • ······· ·······

    ······· ·······

    23 дні таму

    Spanish ;)

  • ······· ·······

    ······· ·······

    23 дні таму


  • Dark_ycatik
    Dark_ycatik24 дні таму


  • qizioo
    qizioo24 дні таму


  • Yuuji Endless
    Yuuji Endless24 дні таму

    to be honest..original is better..this is too much pop/mainstreamish in my opinion.

  • H20 - Melons
    H20 - Melons24 дні таму

    Im an above average enjoyer of this song

  • Pyro man
    Pyro man24 дні таму

    giga chad is pissed

  • daniel schofield
    daniel schofield25 дзён таму

    Actually fucking insane

  • Tyler
    Tyler25 дзён таму

    Jeris is so underrated

  • tom
    tom25 дзён таму

    Oliver please come back to Michigan, and do a meet up, I need a hug from you badly I went through so much shit since the last time.

  • Cirebon embah jeh
    Cirebon embah jeh25 дзён таму

  • Pinche Ralph
    Pinche Ralph26 дзён таму

    Damn this remix is lit asf 🔥 i been so stuck on the original that this is my first time listening to it but damn... i been missing out

  • Onward
    Onward26 дзён таму

    that kick sucks

  • RA Hidra
    RA Hidra26 дзён таму

    its not better than original