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  • McDoTavish
    McDoTavish25 хвілін таму

    Composted by Hideo Kojima Vocals by Hideo Kojima lyrics by Hideo Kojima Everything is made by Hideo Kojima

  • fdds0108
    fdds010826 хвілін таму

    this song saved me today

  • kenti
    kenti33 хвіліны таму

    love this drummer!

  • Michael Devita
    Michael Devita35 хвілін таму

    The remix isn't good at all. Can you feel my heart shouldn't ever be remixed this way.

  • Joao Manoel Ventura kormann
    Joao Manoel Ventura kormann50 хвілін таму

    Average the trash meme fan Vs Average the original music enjoyer

  • xRazProductions
    xRazProductionsГодину таму

    For such a based meme, this song is hella cringe

  • TwoDogsHumping
    TwoDogsHumpingГодину таму

    i cant believe this is the same bad i used to love.

  • Tcrown_ 6inchgliz
    Tcrown_ 6inchglizГодину таму

    I hate how everybody’s making a joke it means what it is but little do they know the meaning is about somebody they lost and they keep on saying it’s funny but if they’re listen to the song closer they can hear him say I love you mama so I don’t know what’s the point of you laughing because let’s just say you lost somebody in your family and somebody started making a joke out of it

  • simona H
    simona HГодину таму

    Miss my friend

  • Cabron
    CabronГодину таму

    My friend who doesn't like metal thinks Oli cover this song

  • Sa •
    Sa •Годину таму

    Das boa

  • Alex Searle
    Alex Searle2 години таму

    I used to listen to this back when I was in a bad mental state. Listening to this now that I've recovered from everything and living my best life, returning to this song hits different

  • Ian Slade
    Ian Slade2 години таму

    Olis voice is so bad, he should go back to screaming

  • Ren Amamiya
    Ren Amamiya2 години таму

    me defending homes from homophobics

  • Remi Grenier
    Remi Grenier3 години таму


  • Joshua h
    Joshua h3 години таму

    What’s up with those elbowless sleeves 🤣

  • Greg Thompson
    Greg Thompson3 години таму

    I honestly think Oliver’s rhythmic ability rivals that of Martin Gore’s of Depeche Mode and that’s saying a lot considering I’ve always held him as the most rhythmic genius of our time but that’s just me

  • Ashley Hacky
    Ashley Hacky3 години таму

    My neighbors wanted to slay me after blasting this song.

  • Squarepants
    Squarepants3 години таму

    0:13 tricky be like

  • Melis Rüya Halfeoğlu
    Melis Rüya Halfeoğlu3 години таму

    Abi çok fazla iyi değil mi yaa 🔥

  • LegitPrankFilms
    LegitPrankFilms3 години таму

    The main riff from “Swerve City” by Deftones brought me here

  • Human Tsuki
    Human Tsuki3 години таму

    Nxt takeover respects

  • heda musaeva
    heda musaeva4 години таму

    Hi to the people who have music Taste



  • Володимир Щеснюк
    Володимир Щеснюк4 години таму

    Ви теж відчуваєте цей ритм ;) КАйф

  • Baal93Ash
    Baal93Ash4 години таму

    I want to destroy this world but gently and tenderly with my all love ! :) It sound a little bit like a nightcore music this is real goooooood

  • sourclood
    sourclood4 години таму

    Director: how shaky do you want the video to be? Oli : yes

  • Elvin Turan
    Elvin Turan4 години таму

    wonderful song🛐

  • Lauryn Domingues
    Lauryn Domingues4 години таму


  • B-O-B śáś
    B-O-B śáś5 годин таму

    The asian Khali is amazing

  • B-O-B śáś
    B-O-B śáś5 годин таму

    Asking alexan... No wait.... Bmth

  • Kyle Collingwood
    Kyle Collingwood5 годин таму


  • MIKołAJ
    MIKołAJ6 годин таму


  • Nicolas Channel
    Nicolas Channel6 годин таму

    11k dislikes from people who can't feel their hearts

  • brixikk
    brixikk6 годин таму


  • Richard 'Paul' Rice
    Richard 'Paul' Rice6 годин таму

    Jeris makes every song he's featured in come alive! Even as alive as another "Last Resort"

  • Mica Alamil
    Mica Alamil6 годин таму

    he made me listen to this song. i miss him so much. he's the one who can save me, he's the one who can fix me. he's my home, he's my safe place, he's my comfort zone. no one can make me feel better the way he does. i love him so much. he will always have a special place in my heart. i hope he's happy ))))):

  • Diego
    Diego6 годин таму

    yeah i already get it u love jordan

  • jj66123
    jj661236 годин таму

    0:35 this part reminds me SOOO MUCH of the people filthy frank made fun of in his rap video, lmao

  • Sasha R
    Sasha R6 годин таму

    This song makes me wanna tell my teacher SHE has a missing assignment

  • Gabe D
    Gabe D7 годин таму

    So juden is the antithesis of luden.

  • Soul RELAXED
    Soul RELAXED7 годин таму

    Mantap man

  • Lolz Lyrics (Zulu Foxtrot 21)
    Lolz Lyrics (Zulu Foxtrot 21)7 годин таму

    Soooo.... Am i the only who thinks this kinda sounds like somewhere i belong from LP

  • Makena Todt
    Makena Todt7 годин таму

    You asked to be friends the day you started at our job we grew close your ex got jealous not my fault she was insecure but jokes on you I never needed you you needed me I'm stronger than ever finally being myself thank you for your flame and gasoline

  • HenThoi Singha
    HenThoi Singha8 годин таму

    Bring me the Acoustic❣️.

  • JMBS
    JMBS8 годин таму

    That video shooting must have been a lot of fun :)

  • Francesco Rapanà
    Francesco Rapanà8 годин таму


  • Audio Nature
    Audio Nature8 годин таму


  • Audio Nature
    Audio Nature8 годин таму


  • Audio Nature
    Audio Nature8 годин таму


  • illusive_man
    illusive_man8 годин таму

    This is unofficial teaser of Cyberpunk 2077)

  • Chris Dunavan
    Chris Dunavan8 годин таму

    Here I thought I liked this song already..

  • Amna Hadi
    Amna Hadi8 годин таму


  • Nils
    Nils9 годин таму

    I'm a big fan of bmth but I don't like the song...

  • Neto
    Neto9 годин таму

    Maaan, that's song is so fucking nice, you know what I mean... Is like angry+sadness+passion in the once song DAAAMNNNN 19/06/2021

  • FEY
    FEY9 годин таму


  • Itzmeoreo
    Itzmeoreo10 годин таму

    Ahh, the glory days of BMTH

  • adaia 34
    adaia 3410 годин таму


  • Mohamed Nour Kh8
    Mohamed Nour Kh810 годин таму


  • Jeremy Ayala (Jermbear)
    Jeremy Ayala (Jermbear)10 годин таму

    Do any of us know why?

  • aleks
    aleks11 годин таму

    Not the tiktok kids ruining this song for me💀

    NEW CUSTOMER ALERT11 годин таму

    Idk why but this song reminds me of “The 100”

  • Kachet Lucifer peterkin
    Kachet Lucifer peterkin11 годин таму

    Even if they don't listen you did the right thing by putting out the right message you guys are amazing keep up the good work.

  • Daniel Burgos
    Daniel Burgos11 годин таму

    We miss you, guys

  • lizzy marie
    lizzy marie11 годин таму

    am i the only one who gets huge ass rammstein vibes from the first few seconds? du riechst so gut? 🤨

  • cnsx (Rodin)
    cnsx (Rodin)11 годин таму


  • Hey ୫ Meyonzinha !¡
    Hey ୫ Meyonzinha !¡11 годин таму


  • ASMS 616
    ASMS 61612 годин таму


  • Metal Raydown
    Metal Raydown11 годин таму

    Fuckin brilliant instrumental

  • That King For a day
    That King For a day12 годин таму

    ...bro I was searching for this song so bad long yesterday...I truly thought it was Linkin park just from the snippet from the meme.. damn I'm dumb

  • オオタトモエ
    オオタトモエ12 годин таму

    すごいロックになったビートルズ ボーカルさん猫目カッコいい😸

  • Nitzel
    Nitzel12 годин таму

    i can't shake the feeling that the lead singer looks like fred

  • FlameRoblox YT
    FlameRoblox YT12 годин таму

    strong meme in my heart..

  • Azam Mujahid Productions
    Azam Mujahid Productions13 годин таму

    Meme Fan: Meme Enjoyer:

  • emre
    emre13 годин таму


  • Ivana Dragomirovic
    Ivana Dragomirovic13 годин таму

    Average dream and george shipper Average tommy innit enjoyer

  • Mr krabs
    Mr krabs13 годин таму

    Average stampy enjoyer

  • Shea Rainey
    Shea Rainey14 годин таму

    Song of the democratic party. Every conservative feels this in 2021.

    ‽ ҒŁՕQƲİƝʜՕ-ƧεӾ14 годин таму

    Ex do cão me mostrou essa música, top de linha 👌🏻🖤

  • Carl Jordan Freud
    Carl Jordan Freud14 годин таму

    Fav live performance ❤️

    DAGAMAN14 годин таму